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 “I’ve now finished both “Fortune Teller’s Blessing” and “Accordion War” and have been wowed by both. . . . Thank you for a brace of blazingly beautiful books!’ 

Dr. John Wink, Professor of English, Ouachita Baptist University

I read A Fortune Teller’s Blessing long into the night. . . . Author Charles (Doc) Hughes is an excellent writer; he had me spellbound. I hated for the book to end.

Lynn Wiman, Vintage Books

“I think the biography [A fortune Teller’s Blessing] extremely well written, the narrative of John Allen’s life crafted beautifully from beginning to end.  All aspects of the story are fascinating, and I cannot imagine them narrated with greater skill; . . . you managed along the way to add much to my knowledge of both local and national history. . . “ 

Jay R. Curlin, Kathryn Maddox Professor of English
Ouachita Baptist University

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book “Korea 1951.”  I always knew that one day an FMF Corpsman would grow up, learn to write and tell their (our) unique story.  “Flags of Our Fathers” came close but you nailed it. “

Maxwell Baker, Vietnam/ Korean vet. HMCM USN (Ret)

“This is a gripping work and a must reading. . . . The present day overview/perspective ties the decades together and makes sense of the cost of war as well as the ‘why’s’ of warfare. . . .”  

Korean War Project Newsletter 

"Hughes, who is professor emeritus of English at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Ark., is a gifted writer. . . . This book is hard to put down.  The writing is terrific. . . .Well done, Doc.”    

GySgt John Boring, USMC (Ret.) 
Leatherneck Magazine of the Marines, Sept 2007

“This is one of the rare books that begs to be read in one reading. . . .the reader can smell both the gunpowder and the kimchi. . . . Well done, Doc.” 

Prof. Andrew Lubin Lead Reviewer, Military Writers Society of America


“Doc.  What can we say?  This book is absolutely wonderful—There are so few books written about the Korean War and what our Marines went through.  It’s a story that needed to be told—and you did it!  We are so grateful.  We will cherish this book and our ‘Doc’ that wrote it.   Semper  Fi “   

Ralph[Marine rifleman, Korean vet.] & Betty (Tate)

"Bought the book.  Read it.  Couldn't put it down . . . . I'm normally a slow reader but I savored this one.  Didn't want it to end.  It was dejavu all over again. . . . Like you I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Korea.  Still am.  Reminds me of my home state, WV. . . . I have read four books that I consider excellent:  Witness by Whittiker Chambers; Falling Water Rising  by Franklin Toker; Democracy in America  by Alexis De Tocqueville; and Accordion War: Korea 1951.  You are in good company.”  

John Simpson, Marine rifleman, Korean vet. 

“Accordion War is a quality read.  Your descriptions of that era are like paintings without the sounds, however, your recounting of the artillery barrages was deafening.” 

Bob "Doc" Wickman, Korean vet.

"Doc: I’m deeply honored receiving the book, and also the privilege of serv¬ing with you in the 2nd Platoon of How Company. . . .It is certainly accurate from what I remember and beautifully written. I felt as I was reliving the past. It also clued me in on where and what the 2nd Platoon was doing prior to my joining How Company. Great Job.

Joe Sipolski, rifleman and Purple Heart veteran of 2nd Platoon, H-3-7

“Your book is great. If you had done it 20 years ago, I believe it would have become one of the key reference genre chronicles of that war and era. I hope it still can. There are actions you tell that I never knew, even though I was usually only a few hundred yards away. Clearly you have done some great research since I first met you. I find especially interesting your musings about the alpha and omega, religion, and our role in the world. I am trying to spread the word about your fine writing—it makes me wish I had been lucky enough to have been one of your students. Stay safe. Semper Fi”

Nick the BAR-man [Jim Nicholson, MD] Purple Heart Korean veteran

I have read many books and articles on the Korean War. This book by Charles “Doc” Hughes is by far the best. It keeps the interest of the reader while bringing the history of the Korean War to life. It should be on the shelf of every school library.

Jean Moore, widow of Wadie Moore, rifleman and Purple Heart Korean veteran

Recognition from the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation:
Charles Hughes, professor emeritus of English at Henderson State University, has been recognized by the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation for his memoir, Accordion War: Korea 1951—Life and Death in a Marine Rifle Company.  In a letter to Hughes the President and CEO of the Foundation, Lieutenant General Ron Christmas, USMC (Ret) says, the organization “has received a generous donation from Robert L. Engel in honor of your contribution to military history. . . .”  

Daily Siftings Herald April 28, 2011